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Jimmy Le M & La Clave de Londres

'Salsa Feeling'



Jimmy le Messurier - timbales , congas , bongó , bell , güiro , güira , piano & piano programming , coro (2,4,5,6)
Simon Edwards - bass (1,3,7,8)
Stan Rivera - bass (2,4,5,6)
Sid Gauld - trumpet (1,2,3,4,5,6,8) solos (2,6)
Steve Dawson - trumpet (3,7,8) solos (7)
Sean Corby - trumpet solos (3)
Jonny Enright - trombone (all tracks) solos (6,7)
Paul Taylor - trombone (1,3,7,8)
Richard Exall - baritone sax (all tracks)
Dorance Lorza - trés (2)
Ernesto Estruch - violin (5)
Alex Wilson - fender rhodes (3) hammond organ (7)
Elpidio Caicedo - coro (all tracks) rap (8)
Carlos A. Peña - coro (1,3,7,8) lead vocal (2,3,6,8) maracas & güiro(7,8)
Lino Rocha - coro (1,3,7,8) lead vocal (5,7) rap (1)
Lisa Millet - coro (7)
Tito Allen - lead vocal (1,4)


Having paid his dues on the bandstand with international Latin names like Tito Allen, Jimmy Bosch, Adalberto Santiago, Orlando Watussi and Luisito Carrion, Jimmy le M's exciting and innovative debut album sets a new world standard for UK salsa.
John Child - writer/reviewer, Descarga.com

Jimmy le M and La Clave de Londres hold the key, one which opens the door to a whole new different sound and style in salsa! Rooted in Africa, nurtured in Cuba/Colombia/Puerto Rico, refined in Nueva York, and re-invigorated in London, this "Salsa Feeling" is infectious. Try it, you'll like it and I guarantee, you'll soon be back for more!
Lubi Jovanovic - Straight No Chaser Magazine

La Clave de Londres:- una orquesta con un sabor y un swing increible, me siento muy contento de ser parte de esta producción y le deseo a Jimmy el exito que esta orquesta se merece.¡Que viva la salsa en Londres y en el mundo entero!
Tito Allen - Sonero

For me, salsa is more than music from just one time or place, much more than just a rhythm. It's a musical movement that began in New York some 30 years ago - led by a new generation of musicians and the visionary label Fania - which blended the tropical, traditional popular music of the Hispanic Caribbean (most importantly the Cuban son) with the daily experiences of urban life in 'el barrio'. It took on sounds and expressions from jazz and other forms to create a wild, urban jungle music, a music which proved itself capable of embracing a whole universe of expression, and which has gone on to inspire succeeding generations of musicians and public. Tropical music that transcends itself, highly danceable but capable of reaching beyond the dance-floor. This album is aimed at capturing the essence, the feeling of this music, hence the album's title, SALSA FEELING.'
Jimmy Le M 

Jimmy Le M has written material for Snowboy, Grupo-X, Jack Costanza amongst others.

Find out more about Jimmy by visiting his new web-site at:
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Recorded at: Control Room, Hammersmith, London and Fast Track Studios,Carolina, Puerto Rico. Jimmy plays L.P. percussion and Zildjian cymbals.



Jimmy Le M & La Clave de Londres

'Salsa Feeling'


Song Titles

1. La Clave Tiene La Llave
(Jimmy Le Messurier)
(slicd008_trk01_lo.mp3">lo-fi mp3) - (slicd008_trk01_hi.mp3">hi-fi mp3)
2. Montuneate
(Jimmy Le Messurier)
3) Calle Luna Calle Sol
(Willie Colon)
4. Walk Into The Light
(Jimmy Le Messurier)
(slicd008_trk04_lo.mp3">lo-fi mp3) - (slicd008_trk04_hi.mp3">hi-fi mp3)
5. Yo Quisé Ser
(Juan Rocha /Jimmy Le Messurier)
6. Descarga Dos Mil
(Jimmy Le Messurier)
(slicd008_trk06_lo.mp3">lo-fi mp3) - (slicd008_trk06_hi.mp3">hi-fi mp3)
7. Temperatura
(José Lebron)
8. Mi Ciudad
(David Pattman /Jimmy Le Messurier)
(slicd008_trk08_lo.mp3">lo-fi mp3) - (slicd008_trk08_hi.mp3">hi-fi mp3)


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