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Santiago Ceron

'Canta Si Va' Cantar'



Luis Perico Ortiz - trumpet
Pedro Boulong - trumpet
Lewis Kahn - trombone
Eilliam Rodriguez - piano
Enrique Breton - bass
Charlie Rodriguez - tres
Eddie Montalvo - congas
Grupo de Cuerdas Eddie Drennon - strings
Johnny Kenton - guiro
Roberto Lugo - maracas
Luis Perico Ortiz, Johnny Kenton - coros

Arrangements by Luis Perico Ortiz, Sonny Bravo, Marty 

Label - Salsa International, New York


Classic salsa album from sonero Santiago Ceron, accompanied, as always, by the cream of the latin musicians in New York.

Original sleeve notes:
"Stars are not born overnight, it's only through perseverance, sacrifice and faith that the talent in the struggling artist slowly evolves into a beautiful reality. Santiago Ceron is a classic example of a true sonero. Already this young man has won a Gold Record for his first album 'Tumbando Puerta' and the acclaim of salsa lovers. Santiago's style is forward, innovative without sacrificing the sonero golden rules: improvisation, originality and clave. This, his third album is a continuation in the rising career of one of the best salseros to come around in along time. Keep it up Santiago, we love it!"

Sonero Santiago Ceron was born in Santo Domingo in 1940, and has been a singer with the orquestas of Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez, Tony Pabon y La Protesta and the legendary Orquesta de Arsenio Rodriguez.

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Santiago Ceron - Canta Si Va' Cantar (SICD728) CD

Santiago Ceron

'Canta Si Va' Cantar'


1. Canta Si Va' Cantar (4'45")
2. Cruel Tormento (8'04")
3. Tu Veras (4'18")
4. Aprovecha (4'30")
5. Ya Llegaron Los Hijos De Los Vecinos
6. Cuando Vuelvas (5'07")
7. Todo Por Ti (3'27")
8. Para Cantar En El Batey (5'28")


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