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La Charanga Sensual

'Rompiendo Collora'



Artie Webb - Recording Musical Director and Flutes
Hector Leguillow - Leader, Piano and Musical Director
Jose Medina - leader and Violin
Orlando Aviles - Leader and Vocals on 3, Coro
Mguel 'Mike' Rodriguez - Vocals on 1. 4, 2 3, Coro, Guiro
Pablo Guzman - Upright Bass, Fender Bass
Felix Caban - Timbales, Cowbell, Percussion
Nelson 'Lefty' Pagan - Congas, Percussion
Felix 'Junior' Vega - Trumpet

Felo Barrio - Vocals, Guiro, Percussion
Alfredo De La Fe - Violin (Courtesy of Criollo Records)
Eddie Dee - Violin
Ray Perez - Coro
Eddie Temporal - Coro
Executive Producer - Ismael Maisonave 
Producer - Felo Barrio

Asst. Producer. Hector Leguillow
Recorded and Mixed at: Latin Sound
Engineer David Rodriguez

Label - Salsa International


Swinging New York Charanga band led by pianist Hector Leguillow.

La Charanga Sensual was founded in 1977 by Orlando Aviles, a Purto Rican resident in New York. In 1978 he was joined by fellow Puerto Ricans violinist Joe Medina and Hector Leguillow who went on to become the musical director. This CD album features the band at their swinging best, with guests such as Alfredo De La Fe and Felo Barrio.

La Sensual recorded two albums for Salsa International, this being the first. Their other album La Sensual (CD725) is also available.



La Charanga Sensual - Rompiendo Collora (SICD721) CD

La Charanga Sensual

'Rompiendo Collora'


1. Ya Es Muy Tarde
(Gil Navarro)
2. Mi Tocallo
(Orlando Aviles)
3. Castigo De Traicionera
(Orlando Aviles)
4. Maria Elena
5. Y Pa' Que
6. Guajira Sentimental
(Felo Barrio)
7. Sandra
(Orlando Aviles)
8. Nunca Vencido
(Orlando Aviles)


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