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Joey Pastrana and his Orchestra

'Salsa Inferno'



Joe Pastrana - Timbales, Vocals, Drums & Percussion
Larry Harlow- Producer, Piano, String Ensemble, Clarinet and Percussion
Ray Castro - Conga
Victor Cruz - Bongo
Eddie "Gua Gua" Rivera - Bass 
Tony Confresi - Trumpet
Pedro Bulong - Trumpet
Puchi Bulong - Trumpet
Victor Paz - Trumpet
Mario Rivera - Alto Saxophone
Mauricio Smith - Alto, 2 Arrangements
Edward Johnson - Sax
Ismael Quintana - Maracas y Guiro
Elio Osacar (Sonny Bravo) - Piano, 2 Arrangements
Marty Scheller - 2 Arrangements
Stuart Taylor - Guitar
Jorge Rodriguez - Drums
Anthony Jimenez - Percussion
Jimmy Sabater, Willie Torres, Rosa Soy - Coros
Ada Chabrier, Nancy O'Neil - Coros
Ramon Rodriguez - Lead Singer
Production and Musical Direction - Hector Leguillow
Co-Producer - Felo Barrio

Produced by Larry Harlow for Passing Clouds Music Inc
Musical Director - Joey Pastrana
Engineer - Jon Fausty
Executive Producer - Ismael Maisonave

Myles Kahn - Cover Design
Recording Studio - Latin Sound Studio, N Y C
Marc Lopez - Photos


Originally on the Salsa Records label and remastered for CD for the first time.



Joey Pastrana - Salsa Inferno (SICD719) CD

Joey Pastrana and his Orchestra

'Salsa Inferno'


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1. Monte Pastrana (Joe Pastrana) (6'25")
2. Salsa Y Guaguanco (Mon Rivera) (4'47")
3. Pensamiento (Eduardo Sanchez) (2'56")
4. Chico East (Joe Pastrana) (5'08")
5. Dance Donna Dance (Joe Pastrana) (4'49")
6. Until The Real Thing (D.R.) (5'29")
7. Tight And Loose (J. P. Rigo Arce) (4'59")
8. Gonna Cry (Augustin - Rivot) (3'25")


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