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Primitivo Santos Y Su Orquesta

'Primitivo Santos Y Su Orquesta'



Producer - Ismael Maisonave
Musical Director - Primitivo Santos
Arrangements - Ramon Quezada, Ruben Rivera, and Primitivo Santos

Primitivo Santos was a prolific producer of latin music in New York, arranging and playing funky salsa, descargas and guaguanco popular at the time. He released several albums on the Salsa Records label, then located in the Bronx, New York.

This album contains several of his best descargas and guaguancos with some other rhythms thrown in.



Primitivo Santos Y Su Orquesta - Primitivo Santos Y Su Orquesta (SICD2003) CD

Primitivo Santos Y Su Orquesta

'Primitivo Santos Y Su Orquesta'



1. La Napa De Mani
Descarga - Primitive Santos
2. Yo No Hablo Na'
Guaguanco - Primitivo Santos
3. Las Minifaldas
Merengue - Evaristo Medina
4. Piedras Negras
Bolero - Alvaro Ortiz
5. A Quisquella
Bolero - Primitivo Santos
6. El Cachimbo E' Tilo
7. Don Querenon
Guaguanco - Primitivo Santos
8. La Novia Del Merengue
Mangulina - Primitivo Santos
9. En P.R. Es Que Esta El Sabo
Plena - Primitivo Santos
10. Trata De Recordar
Version Espanol - Primitivo Santos
11. La Gorra Y Tana
Cumbia - Lisandro Mesa
12. La Mujer Mia

mp3 samples are approximately 30 seconds long - click on play symbol to start + pause clip


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