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Cuarteto Mayari

'Homenaje Al Cuarteto Mayari'


Label - Mary Lou Records, New York


Classic jibarito music from Puerto Rico popular in New York amongst the Puerto Rican migrant population.

Cuarteto Mayari were renowned for playing the country music of Puerto Rico. Here we have one of their classic albums released on CD for the first time. Their music is characterized by the sweet harmonies and cuatro (Puerto Rican guitar) playing.

Cuarteto Mayari - Homenaje Al Cuarteto Mayari (SICD1034) CD

Cuarteto Mayari

'Homenaje Al Cuarteto Mayari'


1. Un Imposible Amor
2. Mariposa Nocturna
3. Maldito Bolero
4. Santuario Bagrado
5. Fue Una Bendicion
6. Me Debes De Olvidar
7. Carta Perdida
8. Adios Ingrata
9. Blanca Estralla
10. Comedia
11. Inexplicable
12. Cabellera Blanca

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