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Orquesta Amistad



Original label release: BORINCANO RECORDS, New York

Re-issued by Mary Lou Records in 2007


Justin Jimenez - Bandleader, Arranger and Composer, Organ, Timbales, vocals
Benny Parson - Trombone
Johnny Seda - Conga
Alfred Del Valle - Trombone
Louie Rivera - Timbales
Victor Balbion - Bass
Pedro Moreno - Piano. Organ
Jose Torres - Lead Vocal
Mike Soliz - Bongo Bellv
Joe Espanol - Vocal
Mr. Nieves Quintero - Cuatro

Original label - Borincano Records
Re-issue label - Mary Lou Records, New York

Orquesta Amistad were a young latin band who produced this exceptional album. Their leader was Justin Jimenez who introduced into the music a novel use of the organ. The organ sound blends in well with their yearning thought provoking songs.

NuYorican latin soul music.

Original sleeve notes:
Like a newly born baby, Orq. Amistad will grow and reach ultimate goals destined to be filled in the Latin field. Perhaps the master full work and extraordinary talents of one Justin 'Pupilo' Jimenez can be the main reason Orq. Amistad will surpass what many young Latin bands have tried to reach, not only instant popularity, but enduring success. The talent of Justin can be noticed in the daring and truthful tune "Tecato" which will definitely score in the Latin market.

Benny Parson has been with the band since its origin and is truly a talent young musician and versatile is the best way to describe him. His talents range from playing the trombone, bass, cuatro-guitar and chorus. Yes, the combination of Justin Jimenez and Benny Parson will enjoy enduring success. As, manager of Orq. Amistad, I'm delighted to mention that joining the band on this CD is the perennial great of the cuatro Mr. Nieves Qulntero. My personal thanks are expressed to Mr. Cesar Jimenez whose confidence and coordination made this album possible.

P.S. Special thanks to Joe Alvarez

Originally released on the Borincano label and now re-mastered for CD for the first time.



Orquesta Amistad - Tecato (SICD1025) CD

Orquesta Amistad




1. Tecato - Guaguanco (J. Jimenez - B. Pabon)
2. La Paz Nunca Sera - Guaguanco (J. Jimenez - B. Pabon)
3. Amistad -Guaguanco (J. Jimenez - B. Pabon)
4. La Jibara Mal Crinda - Guajira (J. Jimenez- P Moreno) 
5. Esa Vida - Guaguanco (L. Rivera - J. Torres)
6. Soy Como Soy- Guaguanco (J. Jimenez - E. Pabon)
7. El Estado Liberal - Lamento (J. Jimenez - A. Del Valle)
8. Montuno De Nueva York- Montuno (J. Jimenez - B. Pabon)
9. Porque Me Abandono - Bolero (J, Jimenez - P. Moreno)


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