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Santiago Ceron

'Exitos De…Vol 2'



Sonero Santiago Ceron was born in Santo Domingo in 1940, and has been a singer with the orquestas of Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez, Tony Pabon y La Protesta and the legendary Orquesta de Arsenio Rodriguez. Going solo around 1970 his first release was "Tumbando Puertas," featuring the hit "Linda Yambu", and since then he has continued to prove himself as a leading Sonero.

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Santiago Ceron

'Exitos De…Vol 2'


Song Titles

1. Canta Si Va V Cantar
2. Si Pudiera Mirar (El Ciego)
3. Sabor De Engaño
4. Juan Jose
5. Ven Bailar El Son
6. Soy Sonero
7. Diablo
8. Soy La Ley
9. Comprnsion
10. Elena La Cumbanchera
11. No Hay Tal Cosa
12. No Me Vayas A Engañar

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