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Raul Marrero

'Quien Dijo Miedo'

(Salsa International CD 723)


Isidro Infante - Musical Director, Piano, Piano Electrico
Guillermo Edgehill - Bajo
Salvador Cuevas - Bajo
Jose Madera - Congas
Mike Collazo - Timbales
Nicky Marrero - Bongo/Campana
Hector (Bomberito) Zarzuela - Trumpetas
Puchi Bulong - Trumpetas
Tony Barrero - Trumpetas
Reinaldo Jorge - Trombones
Harry De Aguilar - Trombones
Walter Brewus - Violines
James Nassey - Violines
Marty Salyk - Violines
Ed Zigmunt - Violines
Henry Ferrante - Violines
Calmin Flesig - Violines
William Zinn - Violines
Joe Floria - Cello


With a band second to none, and arrangements by Isidro Infante, this release swings only as salsa New York style can. Recorded in the late 1980s before salsa romantica became the dominant force in salsa this is salsa of old school.

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Raul Marrero

'Quien Dijo Miedo'

(Salsa International CD 723)

Song Titles

1. Quien Dijo Miedo (6'58")
2. Tributo A Las Mujeres (7'06")
3. Como La Queria (7'15")
4. Mi Finquita (6'28")
5. Dile (3'28")
6. Nadie (3'32")
7. Las Modas De Hoy (6'11")

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