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Rigo y su Obra Maestra 

'Conquistando al Bailador'



Rigoberto 'Rigo' Rodriguez - band leader, bongo
Luis Marin - piano
Johnny Torres - bass
Jimmy Morales - conga
Gilberto Rivera - timbal
Richi Canayon - 1st trumpet
Luis Gonzales - 2nd trumpet
Luis Rivera - 3rd trumpet
Eddie Melendez, Waldo Colon, Gilberto Padro - vocals

Conquering the salsa dance floors in Puerto Rico is this new release from Rigo and his top notch swinging band.

Puerto Rican salsa for dancers! Rigo and his band have produced the perfect salsa dance recording with his new release 'Conquistando al Bailador'. His musicians are drawn from the ranks of bands such as those led by Eddie Palmieri, Ray Barretto, La India, Tito Puente, Tony Vega and Roberto Roena.


Rigo y su Obra Maestra - Conquistando al Bailador (OBRCD001) CD

Rigo y su Obra Maestra 

'Conquistando al Bailador'


Song Titles

1. Rico Son (4'43")
2. Canción al Tambor (4'24")
3. Amor Vital (4'19")
4. Pobre Marido (4'59")
5. Rayo de Luz (4'21")
(mp3 sample)
6. Rio Hato (5'08")
(mp3 sample)
7. El Baile ya se Formó (4'39")
8. Como Decirte que te Quiero (4'39") 

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