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'New York Descargas'

Various Artists



Charlie Palmieri - Piano
Cachao Lopez - Bass
Kako - Timbales
Puchi Boulong, Victor Paz, Dave Gonzalez, Lionel Sanchez - Trumpets
Mario Rivera, Richie Meza, Morty Lazzar - Saxophones
Pupi Legarretta - Flute
Louie Ramirez, Frankie Malabe, Johnny 'Dandy' Rodriguez, Tito Jimenez, Cortijito, Pedro Perdomo, Chickie Perez - Percussion
Azuquita, Chamaco Ramirez - Vocals
Hector La Voe, Yayo El Indio, Santos Colon, Chivirico Davila - Coros


'... two exceptional compilations of 1960s New York Descargas and Guaguancos. The first is 'New York Descargas', an awesome mix of Alegre/ Tico Allstars type jam sessions, often featuring the same musicians as those labels' 

'This is a superb compilation of Cuban Descargas recorded in New York in the 1960s; around a rhythm or sketched riffs or vocal lines, the musicians can soar off at will, with the funkiest grooves as a kind of safety net for some truly inspired improvising. ...Hot as hell, cool as anything - in the end words are not enough and you can only bow in the presence of greatness.' 
SONGLINES magazine.

'The Cuban Descarga, after being given birth in Havana by such jazz luminaries as Cachao Lopez, Peruchin, Nino Rivera, was fostered in New York by producer Al Santiago. It was he who produced The Salsa All Stars sessions (making up the first 5 Descargas presented on this release) by bringing together the cream of New York Latin musicians, including special guests such as the legendary Cachao, to jam. These sessions went on to influence many others to do likewise thus defining the direction of 'salsa' music in the sixties and seventies. With such musicians as Charlie Palmieri, Cachao, Louie Ramirez, Kako, Puchi Boulong, and the orquestras of Willie Rodriguez, Raphie Martinez and Joe Cotto this release is easily the best of Latin music New York had to offer.'


'New York Descargas'

Various Artists


Song Titles
1. Descarga De Cueros Y Vientos (9:43)
(MP3 Sample)
The Salsa All Stars
2. Eloisa (2:13) The Salsa All Stars
3. Descarga En "K" (7:37)
(MP3 Sample)
The Salsa All Stars
4. Mi Tierra Natal (2:45) The Salsa All Stars
5. Llora Tu Partida (4:02) The Salsa All Stars
6. La Napa De Mani (3:26) Orquesta Primitivo Santos
7. Why Not Me (7:23) Orquesta Joe Cotto
8. Cairo (4:13)
(MP3 Sample)
Orquesta Cheo Diaz
9. Descarga Atomica (4:49)
(MP3 Sample)
Chorolo y su Combo 
10. Descarga 72  (3:36)
(MP3 Sample)
Orquesta Willie Rodriguez
11. It's About Time (4:01) Raphie Martinez and his National Combo
12. Descarga #4 (3:03) Orquesta Joe Cotto


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