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Chino Rodriguez y la Consagracion
with special guest Andy Harlow

'Maestro de Kung Fu'



Chino Rodriguez (aka Chung Mui) - Musical director, bandleader, coro, vocal
Edwin Sanchez - Vocal, percussion, coro
Jose Lopez Jr. - Piano, moog
Hector Palacios - Timbales
Mel Tirado - Bongo
Tito Vales - Congas
Bob Auld - Trumpet
Greg Langdon - Tenor sax
Joe Gottschalk - Trombone
Emilio "Lucky" Rodriguez - Bass

Special Guest:
Andy Harlow - Flute, sax, vibes

Ralph Castrella - Coro
Nestor Sanchez - Coro
Ismael Diaz - Coro
Felix Palacios - Quinto
Joe Battaglia - Guitar, tres
Alfredo Rodriguez - Piano on Moonlight Serenade

Original label - Mary Lou Records, New York
Recorded - New York 1974
Re-issued - 2003

'...I remember a few songs on the first project that I think date the time. La Computadora was the first Latin recording to use a MOOG synthesizer. And Larry Harlow played it, he didnít even know how to turn it on, it took about an hour, maybe more, to figure it out. The other was Moonlight Serenade with Alfredo Rodriguez on piano. He was a Cuban Master, what an artist, this guy would play and you would just be amazed, he would just make you be amazed when you heard the sound come out of the piano - it was true magic. Also when Edwin Sanchez was singing and his brother Nestor Sanchez was coaching him, Edwin would mess up and Nestor would correct him but it was like seeing Nestor getting upset with Edwin on the little thing was just funny at the time. I truly miss Nestor Sanchez....'
Chino Rodriguez interview by passiondiscs.co.uk

Chino Rodriguez y la Consagracion (MRLCD716) CD

Chino Rodriguez y la Consagracion
with special guest Andy Harlow

' Maestro de Kung Fu'


Song Titles

1. Maestro de Kung Fu (5'15")
3. Moonlight Serenade (4'53")
4. Calembe (4'53")
7. Te Haces (4'46")
8. La Formula Triunfo (4'45")
Duration (40'37")


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