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Frankie Figueroa

'Mr Estilio'

(Mary Lou CD1025)

Frankie Figueroa
- vocals
with the Tito Puente Orchestra

Arrangements and Musical Direction - Tito Puente
Sound Engineer - Vicente Cartagena
Co- Producer - Bobby Marin

Label - Mary Lou Records, New York


The Tito Puente Orchestra vocalist, Frankie Figueroa, with his solo album 'Mr Estilio - Mr Style'.

Originally issued in the 1970s, and available now on CD for the first time. An album of classic salsa music - boleros, guarachas and guaguanco. As you would expect the arrangements by the legendary Tito Puente are top notch.



Frankie Figueroa - Mr Estilio (Mary Lou CD1025) CD

Frankie Figueroa

'Mr Estilio'

(Mary Lou CD1025)


1. Quiero Darte Las Gracias - Bolero (Miguel A. Amadeo)

2. Atrevete - Bolero (D. R)
3. Que Me La Den Entera - Guaracha (D. R )
4. Yo Te Tiro - Guaguanco (F. Figueroa)

5. El Bolerista Moderno - Guaguanco (F. Figueroa)

6. Que Se Rian - Bolero (S. Alvarado)
7. Odio - Bolero (Luis Demetrio)
8. Tu Me Haces Falta - Bolero (D. R.)
9. Aqui Estoy Yo - Guaguanco (F. Figueroa)
10. Veneno De Amar - Guaguanco (F. Cabrera)
11. Divino Divino-Bolero (Cesar Concepcion)
12. Hay Un Bembe - Moruno (F. Figueroa)

Duration (38'32")

Our mp3 samples are approximately 30 seconds long
and of low(ish) quality for a fast download
(file size app 300KB)


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